A day to review our rights

Shameem Majeed

By: Shameem Majeed
Mangochi Secondary School

World children’s day is the day that children must review their rights children must be consider more careful. Right to education is the most important right that must not be violated. But sometime are exposed to work in plantations or peoples home where they are subjected to hazards working conditions and being given unfair wages instead of going to school. 

Also right to play is usually violated. It happens that children have been denied to socialize with their friends in schools and communities that’s missing an essential part in their normal development and also a chance of acquiring skills that would prepare them well for future jobs. in addition the right to be protected from any kind of abuse either child trafficking or child labour is usually violated   

So during World children’s day we need the government to bring more powerful laws that can intervene by bringing policies and enacting laws that would help in dealing with irresponsible people who exploit and violate the right s of children.  For children who are forced to work to report their cases to organisations that deals with a child right so that we should stop this habit.

 Happy World children’s day to all.