The day we come together to talk about our rights

By Grace Malunga 

International children’s day is the day when we as children come together to talk more about our rights. It takes place in every country in the world so that our right should be known and not violated or destroyed.

As we are commemorated this year’s International Children’s day (Child Rights Convention @ 30) it is a reminder of our right to the elder and responsibility as parents towards a child. Not only parents but also duty bearers. Right to privacy, right to life, right to education and many more are also some of right that we want to have.

Because of more violations of children’s right on November 1989 it’s when the government started focusing on child right which is known as Child Rights Convention (CRC) as such people are not abusing the child’s right as it was in the past. So international children’s day should always be there so that my voice should be heard and my right not violated.

Discrimination, racism, beatings how can we survive why do you put that to us instead of educating us why reviewing our secrets to others, killing us without mercy please do not ignore our right, but instead show us love and good things as children. 

Happy international children’s day.