Many rights of children sometimes favor one sex

By Bernadetta Njoka
from Mangochi secondary 

World children’s day is the day which  children from the world express our rights in public in order people to respect them.

Many rights of children sometimes favor one sex and sometimes people do not respect them for example violating them like child labour and child abuse so because of this people it is when World Children’s day come in to be special for children.

My right is more important to me like right to education. Every child in this world needs to be educated so it is good and parents responsibility to send children to school so that they should be good leaders and well educated.

Every child has right to express this right that helps children to be able to speak in public without any fear. Apart from that children have right to be raised by their biological parent and to be given a name when they are born. Sometimes people violate child’s rights without thinking that they are also human beings like every one. Although I am young but l also have right to speak and express what is inside me.

As for now am so excited that the day that we have been waiting for is here. The day I express my feeling and l able to speak loud to the whole world that I have right and my right should be respected. Let’s all be together in this day and use this opportunity to speak loud and stand up for our rights together