Lets talk about it



Let’s talk more about world children’s day
It is so interesting to hear
But hard for parents and every elder people to grasp
We are your children
We struggle each and every day
Seeking your attention and love
Please respect our rights and value them

Let’s continue to talk about this
It feels like we are unlucky kids
because you have put abuse in our hands
Promises are not meant to be broken
But you broke them each and everyday
We are children who need your support
Who need touch and love of our government law?

Why should we stop?
Let’s go further
Government we need your support
Don’t just say it’s ok but take action
Abuse is a risky factor to us
We are unable to walk freely
We are like prey which one depend on us for lunch
Why should we be afraid when the perpetrators are here?
Take what it takes to make us happy

International children’s day
Freedom is coming here it comes with colours
Wow! My rights are now being respected
I’m a happy child ever
Happy international children’s day.