Before I became a border

Catherine Nazombe

My name is Catherine Nazombe I am a girl 16 years old. I was born 2003 in a family of five children, the first born is a boy and he is in form three at  Mpondasi Community Day Secondary School in Mangochi and am second born girl in form two at MPondasi Community Day Secondary School while the third born has written her primary school leaving certificate, the forth born is in standard 4 and  the last born is  at nursery school. My father does a small business in Mangochi town and my mother is a house wife.

Before I become a border I faced a lot of challenges like walking long distance to reach my school and I could find my classmates already covered some of the subjects. Due to this l was not doing well in class and sometimes l would go to school on an  empty stomach because my parent did not have food to give me.

But now UNICEF has come to my rescue and my parents are happy with this good news because sometimes my parents would not manage to pay for me school fees but now UNICEF is supporting me by paying school fees, exercise books and mathematical instrument. My grades are now good I have enough time to study at the hostel  and discuss  difficult questions with my fellow students and l have good health because I eat every day.

When l grows up my desire is to become a journalist or social worker. I want to be a journalist because l wants to write more stories of my community and read news on radio and television. If all goes well that l will be employed and have money I want to help those that lack basic needs like I used and help them in their education.