Role model: Ezelina Valentine Kamaliza (Q and A)


Youth Out Loud (YOL): Give us a brief introduction of yourself
Ezelina Kamaliza (EVK): I am Ezelina Valentine Kamaliza, born in 1994 on 14 February with a drive to support young people in developing their lives and bringing positive change within their communities.

YOL: Tell us your academic background 
EVK: I studied for a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication at the Polytechnic-Continuing Education Centre. I hold a Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Pentecostal Life University and a Diploma in Journalism from The Polytechnic- Continuing Education Centre. I am currently completing a Certificate in Media Management from Wits University in South Africa.I started my education journey at Cherub Pvt School in 1997 for kindergarten then between 1999 and 2005 I did my primary school at Bambino Schools and Kaphuta FP School in Mzimba. I did my secondary Education in two schools at Lilongwe Nazarene Secondary School for my JCE and Matindi girls Academy where I did my MSCE IN 2010.

Ezelina on air 
    YOL: What do you currently do 
    EVZ: I am currently working as a producer and reporter as well as a Youth rights advocate with focus on using media. I dedicate time to being a Mentorship and Volunteers Coordinator for Youth Empowerment and Support-YES-Initiative a youth lead organisation working in Salima. I am also a member of a women economic empowerment initiative called Empower where I am the Communications and public relations officer.
   YOL: What is your vision in life?
   EVZ: My vision is to become one of the leaders in the media space in enhancing development through enhancing young people’s rights and empowering them to contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities and the country.
   YOL: What would you advice young people
   EVZ: My advice to Young People is to never stop learning especially in the era of technology that we live in they should maximise on the available resources on the internet to advance their skills in any area of their interest for personal growth and more importantly share those skills to other young people if positive development is to be made a reality.


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