Long distance affects studies

A student going to school

By Rabecca Msusa

In Malawi students experience problems in their studies most especially in rural areas (villages). Long distance is one of the biggest problem that most studies face in the rural areas

Long distance affect students in many ways for example late coming to school. This is really a problem to students because when they are late for classes they  found their friends already covered some lessons and they cannot know what their friends have captured as a result their performance becomes very low. Others even drop out of school because of long distances and this increase poverty because the youth are illiterate and they do not know how to do things properly.

Long distances also affect students in their studies because they are always tired when they come home due to this they cannot study when they are home.  And they have to do some house chores as a result they do not have enough time to concentrate on their studies and this makes them fail during examinations.

Long distance is a challenge that we students are facing especially in my country. If the government can build more boarding schools this problem can be solved and the youth can have the best education because the youth are the leaders of tomorrow and future belongs to us. With educated leaders Malawi will have a better future.