Girl child Education in Malawi

girl holding discussions at school

BY: Frank Shaka
School: Mangochi Secondary School

Girls need a lot of protection and guidance in Malawi, the government through other organisation is trying to encourage girls to go to school. Nowadays right of girls are considered most and a lot of concentration is shown to the girls.

In Malawi as well as other countries the government are trying to promote the education for girls. Although the government are putting much concentration on girls education but still there is no change. What the government is doing in promoting girls education is very wonderful since the problems such as child marriages, rape cases and many more are being addressed.

I would like to edge the government to continue protecting the girls and provide them with necessary education so that they can achieve more in life. l would also like to appreciate what other countries such as Scotland and USA are doing in promoting girls education in Malawi

And my lastly  l would like to give a big gratitude to all organisations including UNICEF for what they are doing in empowering the girls.