Do we really need a transformed Education in Malawi?

youth out loud students 

By Zakaat Sambo
Youth out loud reporter

Transforming is a way of defining a change in how particular systems work to a more improved systems. Why do we need a transformed education?

The majority of the Malawian population are children and youths who need education. So if the education system is transformed then the children and youth will have an opportunity to access education. As it is said that education is the key to success. Every young person need education to lay a foundation for future progress

The education in Malawi needs to be transformed. This is so because the school environments are not good enough. We have a very situation in our schools like lack of books, inadequate sanitary facilities, poor and little classroom blocks, inadequate teachers, inadequate laboratories and their equipment’s, and many other things. 

Children learning under a tree

Sometimes parents are afraid of sending their children to school because many children learn under a tree. Not only are the parents afraid that a tree may fall unto their children but also some hazardous conditions especially in the rainy season. How will then the children learn if they are not sent to school?

I would like to encourage the Ministry of Education, parents, teachers, NGO’s and all stakeholders to join hands to improve the education system and also make strides in transforming education in Malawi