Youth Out Loud has taught me to be positive towards my dreams

Gift (Middle)  interacting with Norwegian Students at Mpondasi School

Hello, my name is Gift Bonomali l learn at Mpondasi Community Day Secondary School in Mangochi

Youth out loud is a club which deals with the issues happening or taking place within the society involving youth. This club is mainly sponsored by UNICEF and its partner Timveni. Due to the coming of this project children from different school are getting skills of journalism. They are able to stand up for themselves and simply express their views whether through radio programs or in an audience.

Through the assistance of this club, children are able to express their views without fear. In addition this club is able to pass out or disseminate information or get information from different societies through journalism skills. 
Journalism is a form of communication that is unique because the information are not typically the journalist thoughts. Instead the journalism acts as a conduct, narrating an objective story about something that happened based on his or her observations or discoveries. 
This club has been able to encourage children to remain at schools which means that our country develop because of this project. This is so because an act of uneducated person encourages low development.

Youth out loud has brought the youth together which is also an advantage to one’s dream. For example I prefer to be a pilot and this project has helped me to be positive towards my dreams and encouraged me to go further with my studies. Now I am confident  that I will not give up but I will strive to achieve my goals.

I am now able to interact with anybody due to the youth out club it has really helped me especially in public speaking and present my school.