Will you come to our rescue


I am a student and I make mistakes that are punishable so that I am likely helped. But please punish me as fellow human beings.  Punish me with appropriate timing so that I do not miss any of my lessons. Sometimes the punishment is harsh, please minimize such. It makes some learners to drop out of school due to these heavy punishments.

In regard to bursaries please consider more boys; they also need your support in the same way girls  do. Most of the boys drop out of school due to lack of school fees, but you are favouring girls. Many boys want to go to school but because of school fees they fail to do so. 

In the university selection there is more favours on girls, 30 points girls are able to enroll for the entrance exams while boys most of the times is less than 20 points to be selected to the university

Most of the community day secondary schools in Mangochi district have a problem of few teachers and inadequate books in the libraries which affect our performance as such our results are poor.

So it’s our cry as students to be assisted so that we can build our county since education is the key to success.