Violence at school


School violence is a serious problem in Malawi and everywhere. School violence is widely becoming a serious problem in recent decades in many countries especially where weapons are involved.

It includes violence between students, physical attacks,  social staff bullies, gang’s weapons and substance abuse which eventually contributes to the fear experienced by students. 

Student who live in fear of violence witness violence acts or become victims of violence and suffer a number of consequences such as personal injury, anxiety, absence and trauma that lead to dropping out of school  

Students are sometimes victims of violence crimes such  assault, rape and robbery.  Long term exposure to violence, physical and sexual abuse teaches children  that criminal and violent activities are acceptable.

Harsh parental treatment or corporal punishment is associated with higher levels of aggressiveness in youth. Exposure to television and video games is related to increased aggressiveness in children who grow up in violent homes which eventually exhibit behaviors such as depression, anxiety and violence towards their peers

School and homes that lack effective discipline for academic standards and basic humanitarian values fail to provide safe and effective learning environment for children.