To my parents

Felix Banda

My name is Felix Banda I am 16 years old l study at Mangochi Secondary. l like Social studies, English, History and Geography, my favourite thing at school is reading and dancing. When l grow up I want to be a journalist or lawyer.

I live in Monkey-Bay but my home town is Blantyre. Both my parents and my three brothers live in Blantyre and am the only one who stay in Monkey-Bay with my aunt. My parents are so loving and caring they take care of me and they understand me very well and am regarded as their favourite child.
One day I also want to become a parent so that l can be so loving and caring. I will understand my children very and give them better and quality education and l will also protect and respect their rights as my children.

To all parents out there I would like to thank you for the job well done and raising me to who I am today. Continue loving me as your child God bless you and more love