They also deserve equal treatment

Youth Out Loud Girls 


Girls face a lot of problems in their lives. Some of the challenges include: being abused, discriminated, raped and being forced in child marriages. These problems affect a lot of girls negatively.

For instance when the girls are abused they cannot have confidence and concentration at school as a result they drop out of school.

On discrimination when a girl child is discriminated it will makes the girls to think that they are useless which affect their decision making and future. 

And when they are raped they get confused and loose the school mindset. Not only that, but they in some cases get pregnant or contract STI's including  HIV and AIDS. These affect their health and cause a lot of problems for them. 

Being forced in child marriages is another challenge girls are also facing. It automatically makes them to stop schooling and end up being house wives. 

All these problems lead to the girls not becoming successful in life because their chances to a better future and achieving  their goals are destroyed.

I want to request all the people to take part in the process of rescuing girls. To also make sure that the girl child is protected and given equal treatment.

I am also want to  acknowledging all those who are fighting against these challenges and eradicating some of the practices that make girl to fall in trouble. 

Lets join hands to protect them for they too have a right to be protected and they too deserve equal treatment