Technology Awakenings


Nowadays technology is popular to each and every person all over the world. When a person reaches teenage  he or she is being able to access it. When we compare this generation and the past there is a radical change of developments in technology all over the world. 

The rising of the technology development brings a lot of changes to the people’s way of life. The increasing number of technological things makes life to be simple. The rise of technology in the country brings a lot of changes both positive way and negative.

In a positive way the technology development or awakenings lead to facilitated communication like use of cell phones and computers. It has also facilitated trade and technological advances have positively affected the life expectancy. In addition it has also helped in education activities. 

On the other hand, some of the rising of the technology brings troubles to a country which include pollution from the burning of fossils, fuels and car exhaust which lead to the climate change. Some of the technological advance like television and the internet have also led to the reduction in moral standards, because they expose people especially children to programs that are morally bad. 

It has also lead or contribute to unemployment or loss of jobs for example use of computers replacing people who can do particular job which will reduce to the country’s economy due to poverty of people to earn money by doing particular job. 

In my own thought l say that technology is very important and we need to use it properly. On the other hand we must remove all the barriers that are caused by the rise of the technology.