POEM: Oh Sister

A child crying for the life of another 

By Jamila Tiyesi
Majuni Secondary School.

O sister,
I warned you before it’s too late
That life is like a tale of mouse
Now you are in your silent graveyard
Alas!  You have swallowed hippo’s bile

I saw the swimming into your moor
Indeed a rolling stone gathers no mass
Today tears are pouring down checks
HIV has hidden deep in year body

Do you remember
I told you there is no life without academic
But you thought you had tested a sweet fruit
Tears are pouring down checks, 

Now God is calling Youth Out Loud
Speak out
Speak loud of the pain of  illiteracy
Use your Freedom of expression
gather information of our ambition

You have a  Perfect platform
To speak of  abstinence
And be the Fighter  for academic freedom