Our trip to Majuni Secondary School

By Frank Shyaka

It was one afternoon in July when I together with the Timveni team was going to Majuni Secondary School.
          The aim of the journey was to visit the Youth Out Loud (YOL) members from Majuni secondary school as well as to collect the information of what they had they been discussing and doing in their YOL clubs.

       We arrived there around 4 in the afternoon and the students were well prepared for the arrival of the Timveni group. I admired some of the students because they were able to make their recordings with a lot of application and attention. This only showed how active these students are.

       I was very happy to arrive at Majuni secondary school because it was my first time to go there and secondly because there were a lot of interesting activities in which I took part such for example I was able to interview some of the students at this school. Some of them were involved in the first YOL training and were new.

     During the interviews it showed that the students were very happy and impressed because they were new and the prospect of being heard live on radio made them even happier.