I like that my school has water available

Pupils enjoying running water 

My name is Miracle Mkosana l learn at Chimbiya Primary School am in standard seven and am 11 years old.
Chimbiya primary school is one of the schools in Dedza district in Traditional Authority Kaphuka at Chimbiya Trading Centre in Chimbiya Zone. This School has enough water for learners and teachers. Piped water and borehole is the source of water that makes water to be available all the time.
This water availability is very important to us in the following ways: it helps learners to wash hands after visiting the toilets, helps to wash hands after and before eating the food which assist in the prevention of diarrhea. 
school garden

The water is also used by learners for drinking, washing their food such as fruits before eating that helps them to protect themselves from worm infections. It also used for cleaning classrooms, office and toilets and for watering vegetables in the school gardens. In addition teachers also use the water for house hold chores.
Therefore l request my fellow learners to take care of the water sources so that we can maintain the availability of water at our school