I have a responsibility to fight for my rights

A happy child at school

My name is Mphatso Paul from St.Monica Girls Secondary School
Human rights are rights that have to be respect by every human being whether you want it or you do not want to. So today let’s focus much on child rights.

Children have many rights like right to life, education, and play and also right to choose what they want to be in life and many more. So when it comes to parents and guardians they also have the responsibility to take care of their children and help them when they are doing something wrong.

It is the duty of the parents to help the children to accomplish their goals in life by encouraging them to go to school and help the children to plan for their future but not forcing them to stop going to school.

So when l say  l have  to fight for my rights this means that children should take part in fighting for their rights as the law says that even children have got rights but it is our duty as children to fight for our own rights. 

How can a children fight for their own right somebody would ask?
When you see that your parents or an elderly's are  mistreating or abusing you, you have the right to report to police or any organization which deals with rights of children because your life is in your hands.

Parents and guardians lets all come together, let’s all fight for our children’s rights and send them to school to avoid early marriages so that their future should be well planned.Children should be proud and say that they are in good life because someone helped that they should not be sent to early marriage before finishing school. 

And everybody should remember that every child has a right to fight for his or her rights