I am using Youth Out loud as an opportunity to make my dreams come true


My name is Brenda Samu from St. Micheals Girls Secondary School form 3 students aged 14.

Ever since l joined Youth Out Loud l learnt a lot of things and l even have the confidence to stand and speak in front of people. 
When l was at school I did not have that confidence to speak in front of people but now l can do that because we have been taught that journalists need to have confidence. During the training we were taught some basic journalism skills. 
We were also taught about the media codes of conduct and ethics for example hiding the identity of minors on a sensitive issue, occurrence, fairness and many more.
The training that l attend have benefited me a lot and l will continue to work hard so that l also write my own articles since journalism has always been my ambition ever since young.
 I will use this as my opportunity to make my ambitions to come true.