Girls who drop out of schol are being given a chance

BY: Felix Banda
From: Mangochi Secondary School

Many girls in Mangochi district, Namwera village who drop out of school have been given a chance to go back to school. This chance is being provided by AGLITE (Adolescent Girls Literacy) together with UNICEF.  AGLITE provides the girls with 9 months education in order to train them, so that they should go back to school and have open minded.
I interviewed one girl who is involved in this training her name is Siphat Hassan who dropped out of school because of pregnancy.  She said that she is happy with the training and she has the potential to go back to school again so that she can fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor.

 I also interview one of AGLITE supervisor whose name is Racheal Mzimbe, She said that the aim of this organization is to train girls who drop out of school due to different problems so that they should have knowledge to go back to school. She also said that this project is benefiting a lot because by then the girls were unable to read and write. 

Now they can read and write for themselves which brings an identity that when they go back to school the girls will be very active in class. She also request some organization and other people to support the girls with their basic needs so that when they g back to school they should have enough materials.