Children along the lake shore

Life along the lake

My name is Watson Mphasi I learn at Mangochi Secondary School and am in form three

Children along the lake shore go to school depending on seasons. Mangochi is one of the districts in Malawi where many people depend on fishing as means of generating income to earn a living.
Msuka is a community which is in Mangochi district where by many children under go the problem of school dropout due to fishing activities. As fishermen they fish different kinds of fish in large quantities, many children go there to fish so that they can sell and have money. This is common in the months of January to April as such it attracts a lot of children to be involved in fishing activities and get money. 
Fishing activities

Makanjira is also one of the communities within Mangochi where fishing activities also happen at a large scale. Chiphole village in Makanjira is a good example where a lot of children go to fishing instead of school. This problem is becoming worse in the villages like Malopa, Mtola and Itunde where fish are caught on large scale.

Mangochi is a tourism district because of the lake and its view, so if the children in the district are educated they can find job easy as entrepreneurs, tour guards and game rangers as a means of generating income rather than fishing activities. This can also lead to high literacy levels in the community and the whole nation

Finally l would like to encourage parents along the lake shores to refrain from involving their children in fishing activities. In addition am asking organizations to construct infrastructures like Community based libraries to accommodate children.