Child Marriages are stil happening in my country

Name: Faith Mlombwa

School: St. Michael Girls Secondary School

In my country, Malawi,  there have been so many reports of child marriages.  Though the  government is putting much effort to stop this practice it doesn't seem to be helping as there are still child marriages happening in especially in rural areas. 
This is so because most parents there are poor and they not been civic educated on importance of school. Because most girls are not being sent to school, they end up getting pregnant since they have nothing to do.  When girls get pregnant, the parents to lose hope in educating the girl child.
In some cases it seems parents force their children to marriages although they are aware of the importance of education, the main cause being poverty. Most parents marry off their daughters to rich men so that they can receive aid from the husband. 
I am therefore  requesting the government to take a step on civic educating the rural areas the importance of education and also to encourage girls to work hard in school