But what about the boy Child

A boy at school

My name is Tamandani Chiputula(Female), I learn at St. Micheals Girls Secondary School

Malawi is in the processing of promoting girl child education and helping them to easily meet role models to motivate them to aim higher. This has had lot of benefits on the girls as they also are given a chance to contribute to the development of the county. Since the pasts decades that their right to education was violated more and more organizations are coming to help a girl child.

But then this is not the same story for boys. Comparing to number of organization who are there to help boys and those who are dealing with girls, we all can  agree that 80% of them are dealing with a girl child. Couldn’t it be great that both boys and girls are contributing equally?

I remember my cousin who was selected from a primary school to a national secondary school. This was good news  but on the other hand it was a sad  because my aunt had no hope of getting a bursary or well wisher to help with school fees. She depends on farming which did not do well that year.

My cousin was sent to school with a little hope that someone might come to his rescue being the only boy who was selected to National secondary school that year from his school. He learnt for the first term but during second term he was sent back home due to fees balance. He had no choice but to stay home the whole term while his classmates were proceeding with their studies.

It reached a point that his brother who was studying Teaching at the university was forced to take a loan from his lecturer to help his younger brother. Though the loan was only half of the fees but helped my cousin to go back to school for another term.

Had it been that my cousin was a girl am sure he would have found an organization or a well wisher to pay for him school fees in the first place. Now my question is, is it that it’s time for the boys to suffer? Or it’s revenge?

Equal treatment would rather be the best for our country to develop. 

Where are the organisations for promoting Boy Child Education? 

Equal education is the superior key to higher success. 

 A clear vision for our future is surely needed.