Are boys really helped in their academic matters?

Boy Child in school uniform


In the past girl child education was considered as useless compared to boy child education, but nowadays it seems like things are changing there are different views of boy child and girl child education

After hearing the views of people about the importance’s of girl child education, most of the people say that the encouragement of girl child education has reduced the issues of school dropouts. Girls can now barely find reasonable excuses for them to drop out of school because there are so many organisations that help them in terms of such as bursaries which are providing them with basic need . in addition there are other nongovernmental organisations which  encourage girls by protecting them and introducing them to role models that inspire them.

Though girl child education is important but there are also some issues that have been noticed with the coming in of the promotion for the girl education. Most people have said that the promotion of girl child education has lead to the decline of boy child education, all  because most girls are sponsored by bursaries and organisations . On the other hand boys are left out hence dropping out of school.  Boy now claim that the county is only focusing on girl child education hence the need to do other things. For instance the boys in Mangochji prefer going to south Africa in search for greener  pastures in terms of piece work other than proceeding with education because they want to have money.

Are boys really helped in their academic matters? 

The country encourages gender equality so this is the time to use this word to encourage our fellow boys. We say that when we educate a girl child the whole nation is educated but can the whole country be educated when the boys are illiterate? 

What if we try educating both boys and girls by giving them equal support and see what the future?