Unforgettable day


It was on 15 June 2019 when youth out loud from Mangochi district departed to Blantyre to present programme on a day of an African child. I was one of the team.

When we reached at Blantyre we went to Capital FM where we recorded programmes concerning day of an African child. At Capital FM we discussed a lot of things that affect an African child and some of the things that an African child is facing in his or her everyday life.

After the discussions at the capital FM we went to Namiwawa where we slept at the lodge called Gold executive lodge. It was my first time to sleep at that lodge. The lodge was good and well conditioned.

ON 16 June 2019 we went to Malawi Institute of Journalism [MIJ] FM where we also presented a live programme and we were with Japhet Thole the radio presenter of MIJ FM. There we discussed a lot of issues concerning day of an African child like when I grow up programmes from 10 to 11 o’clock and also we discussed the need of an African child and their rights as a child of Africa

.After when I grow up we read messages on a programme of music party and we also introduce the topic of child labour as a problem that many African child is facing .When the time was 12 o’clock we finished the programme of music party. We all knock off to Namiwawa to take a rest

 I am very happy because this was my first time to be on a air programme [live one] where people could hear me and the whole country of Malawi to hear my voice. Now the day of an African child turn to unforgettable day to me in my life .

I want to thank  UNICEF and TIMVENI for the great job that they are doing to the YOUTH OUT LOUD project. This project is benefiting a lot because now it gives  young people a voice to talk on issue that they are face in their everyday life.

On behalf of youth out loud team I should say thank you for supporting us.