School for an African Girl Child



Allowing an African girl child to attend school is one of the best ways of solving problems in everyday life situations. In many areas girls are not allowed to go to school instead they undergo forced marriage to rich men so that their families or relatives should earn a living.
Girls have rights just like boys. Both of them have got a right to education but in most cases girls are no longer educated in many countries which is an act of violating their right to education. Sometimes it may happen in some schools that girls are not allowed to take part in school activities for example group works, because they are taken as useless or empty tins. 
This is bad behaviour and it should stop. Send a girl child to school. And if you compare her with a boy child, you may observe that the girl child is even more intelligent than a boy child .
As a result you will regret that you were making a mistake by not allowing an African girl child to go to school.  Instead  you are sending her to sell Mandasi which is  also one of the immoral behaviours and it might be stop.
Give education to an African Child without favouring one side and without violating their rights especially girls.