My story will be my testimony of my tomorrow

By: Ellen Rajab
Mpondasi Community Day secondary School

Look at the way I am
No future and no right
My parents passed away
I am searching for my future
But still on the way

Although I am young
Working and carrying heavy goods as am an oxcart
Because l have no choice
But to prepare of my tomorrow

I am young l cannot be brave
Because l have no place to stay
No time for me to go to school
But selling things and rearing their children

Although they are educated
They just want my dream to go in vain
But they do not know what comes tomorrow
I can see so that l can fight

Defending for my right and my tomorrow
Being at school is what my heart desires
But am in their houses as a maid
No time for school
Just working as a slave

They do not care what is going on
Only creating a gap and building a fence
But l can stand for myself and defend
My story will be my testimony of my tomorrow