My experience since i joined Youth Out Loud

My name is Yamikani Mkwinda from St. Michaels Girls Secondary School

The experience which l have had since l joined youth out loud program has been amazing. I have learnt a lot from this program.

At first l was not stable at choosing a career which I am going to do, but after the training of UNICEF and Timveni, I have learnt a lot and have chosen my career to become a journalist. This is because l has seen the fun and adventures people have when doing journalism.

These trainings has helped me to get writing skills, to be creative, open minded as we’ll as being confident. It has helped me to know what journalism is, how it is done, what it needs, and how to share with the entire world.

When I am writing articles my mind is free and this has been a great experience for me because l has truly found myself, where l belong and great talent l have and now l believe in myself.

Finally l would like to thank Timveni and UNICEF for what they are doing may God keep on guiding them so that they can continue doing more.