It is my duty as a boy to encourage GIRLS to work hard

By Frank Shaka
Mangochi Secondary School
Amendments that the girls were waiting are now taken into account. In terms of education the girl child is being supported positively both financially and physically. In many school across Malawi the education for a girl child is looked upon very much.
The government through the ministry of education is trying its best to establish bursaries of a girl child, this is so because in that most girls drop out of school due to lack of support since the estimate of the drop outs of girls shows that a large number of them are poor.

It’s not only the government that is taking a huge part in all these amendment but also some groups of people and organizations. Together they are putting effort in supporting the education of a girl child. these organizations include UNICEF, BEAM, CAMFED, etc..

As a member of youth out loud in Mangochi, l would like to appreciate the government of Malawi as well as organizations that are looking into the complaints of a girl child.  Though it is like this , it has shown that out of all the support there is still a lot of  things to do to increasing the girls passing rate from 1%.
Therefore it is my duty as a boy  to encourage GIRLS to work hard so as to succeed in future.