Child labour: a problem facing the African child



Child labour is most common in some of the countries here in Africa. Child labour interferes with their education and affects children socially, morally and mentally. It involves children being enslaved and separated from their families which are exposes them to serious hazards and illness. and they are left to fend for themselves on the streets.

There are many forms of child labour here in Africa. Children are engaged in agricultural labour, mining labour, manufacturing labour, domestic work, construction, scavenging and begging on the streets. Other trapped inform of slavery in armed conflicts, forced labour and debt bondage as well as in commercial sexual exploitation and illicit activities such as drug trafficking and organized begging.

In some cases children are not payed but just given food and place to sleep. Usually they receive no compensation when they get injured and they are subjected to violence or maltreatment by employer. Child labour not only undermines the roots of human nature and rights but also threatens future social and economic progress for any country here in Africa.

Poverty is the most compelling reason why children work. Poor household spend the bulk of their income on food and the income provided by working  children is often critical child wellbeing’s that is stake.

In fact child labour is actually forced labour because children cannot decide on their own to take up a job without being told by an adult. This results to gross violation of rights of an African child. Child labour is a major challenge that African children are facing.