Needs of an African child


An African child needs a lot of things in their everyday life. These needs help them to be successful in life. Some of the needs are education, protection, being loved and treated equally. Without these needs an African child can’t fulfil his or her dreams because the secret of an African child is education.

Most of African children need to access good and high quality of education in order to have a chance to fulfil or to win their destiny. When there is no any support to an African child his or her desire starts to go down or declined as a result they fail to fulfil their dreams and destiny .

Not only does an African child need education but also they can need protection of their rights and also being loved and treated equally without looking on health status, sexism and racism. It is important to treat all African children equally without discrimination and giving them a chance to achieve what they want to do.

An African child should also have  potential to access materials that can help them to achieve their goals.  Materials like technological devices to access more information concerning their education.

Each and every child here in Africa should be respected and his or her rights should be observed at a higher demand so that each and every child should have a freedom of being tortured. Let’s respect rights of an African child.

All organisations that deal with children rights should make sure that the children rights are being observed here in Africa.