New desks and toilets at our school

By Shakira Kazembe

I live at Tsabango village in Lilongwe and l go to  Nankhali primary school. I would like to share with you about my school. 

In the past my school had a few classrooms and some learners were learning outside under tree shades. We did not have enough books, black boards and chalk. But things are different now. A lot of  learners are now in learning in class. This has made a lot of learners happy. They have developed  an interest in learning and are doing well in their studies. 

I really appreciate  the coming of desks at our  school because it will make my learning materials to be smart and safe. And the coming of toilets is really a good thing at my school because we will no longer use the bush  which is good to our health. My school has really changed.  Nowadays a lot of parents are sending children to this school since the school has really improved.

l really appreciate UNICEF for the developments that have happened at our school. May you continue with the works that you are doing so that my school should be doing well and we should have a good learning environment.