Finally a good source of water

By Yankho, St Martins Primary School 

In my family we are two children and l live with my mother who works at ADMARC. I am in standard Seven and my favorite subject is Mathematics.

My school is very big and we sit on desks even though they are not enough since there are more learners than desks. I have so many friends at school that I chat with during break time when I eat packed meals.

There is a bore hole a few meters away from the school. I have seen people around the school building a water pump and this will help solve our water problem and the school will change. I spoke to some parents, teachers and the community and they all appreciate this. It is fantastic because we will have a good source of water. This project will be finished on 13 November 2019.

When l grow up I want to become a Bank Manager.

Builders putting up a tank at St Martins Primary School